2008 Dodge Viper Convertable

The new Viper will new intake manifold, airbox, and radiator, larger valve covers the fuel rail is greater in diameter. Larger brakes are also planned to increase the combat power and the model to a Bette 0-100-0 performance.

Dodge wants to increase the horsepower in the different Viper. How? Working with McLaren and giving a new Viper V10 engine (probably the one shown in the SEMA ASC Diamondback Viper) with an output of 615 hp.

The 615hp Viper shown at SEMA has a carbon fiber roof, deck lid, rockers, fascia inserts, body trim and a Massive Carbon Omni hood that shows ten unique trumpeted air intakes, with individual port smothered, peeking through a McLaren power and speed Technologies feature reminiscent of McLaren Can-Am engines of the past.Taken together with the powertrain modifications by McLaren Technologies power and speed, the power-to-weight ratio was increased, resulting in an estimated increase in 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds.

Given this and the fact that McLaren might have been to demonstrate the power of their engine, the Viper is the number one most likely to output around 700 hp (just a rumor). The car has a round top spd 210 mph (est). “The 2008 Dodge Viper is solid – much faster and tighter, while keeping the double hump in the top (on coupe models), but with an entirely new front-end that is sharper and more menacing.” The next chapter of Dodge Viper remains the definition of extreme, even greater degree of refinement and finish. In other words, Viper retains its essence – the “Viper Ness” – where the natural step forward.
Those who have never driven or ridden in a Dodge Viper is hardly the way the car reads torque dynamics to understand, nor can they fully appreciate the turning and braking capabilities of its massive tires and disc brakes.

A new version of the Viper s four-wheel anti-lock disc brake setup, originally introduced for the 2001 model year, is improved for the next generation car.

With a new bored and stroked aluminum engine block that increases the Viper s relocation from 488 to 505 cu. in. and pushes its V-10 power to 500 hp and 525 lb.-ft. of torque, Viper has no equal on the road.

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